Agave (Century Plant)

Fashioned from an Arizona-native agave trunk. Length is 6'-4", pitched in G#. LISTEN!

Eucalyptus, pitched in C#, crafted by Wicked Sticks, Australia

Agave, pitched in D#, crafted by Inlakesh of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Agave, 5'-3" long, pitched in C, crafted by Taka of Sedona, Arizona LISTEN!

Nine-stave redwood with laced leather bands each end, 5'-6" long, pitched in C# LISTEN!

Discovered "Clarion Music" in San Francisco and tried them all: authentic imported Australian didjeridus made from eucalyptus limbs...
...and their alphorn
Kelly plays the 4 foot bamboo didjeridu, pitched in C#. LISTEN!

background illustration by G.S. Cram-Drach