Stereography is 3-D photography using paired images of the same subject from vantage points that approximate the distance between the eyes. I use a Kodak Stereo Camera which was made in the 1950's. The camera has two lenses about two and a half inches apart and are connected internally to coordinate focus and shutters.

To view these, look straight through the images as if they were 20 feet away. Viewers are also available that can aid you. I am a member of the National Stereoscopic Association and you can visit their web page at

  • SUE'S FIST A real poke in the eye

  • MONUMENT VALLEY My daughter Colleen in the vastness of Navajo Lands.

  • ROBERT KENNEDY Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, 1968

  • ROBERT KENNEDY UP CLOSE Same image cropped closer to RFK

  • EIFFEL TOWER Going down?

  • CHAMPS-ELYSEES Motion blurred traffic heading for the Arc de Triomphe

  • CASTLE IN WALES Through a window

  • BRASS BAND IN IOWA 19th century stereograph, M.H. Eberhart, Photographer, Mt. Vernon, Iowa

  • BRASS BAND CLOSE-UP Low Brass Section of the same stereograph

  • VALENTINE STEREOGRAM A 28th Anniversary (created in CorelDraw)

  • GRAND CANYON VIEWS using a single lens digital camera and taking two shots a small step apart